Deadly Streaming Excursion

In 2019 our Year 5 & 6 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students were involved in an Identity and Cultural program run by Uncle Craig (Burkie) from Newcastle University Family Action Centre.

This program is a great way for the children to learn about where their family is from —important cultural knowledge — and we also held an excursion day where the students went to cultural sites around the Newcastle area.

First, we went to see a burnt Scar Tree at Glendale. Aunty Jen explained why the tree was placed at Glendale in the special case.

The next place we visited was Swansea Heads, and we learnt about the Malangbula — The Petrified Women of Swansea Heads, which Aunty Niss told. Aunty Niss mentioned about the Men’s Burial Site and that story needed to be told by an Uncle.

The students went to Belmont Lagoon where Aunty Niss told the Dreaming Story of the Moon That Cried. The students enjoyed the walk — the paddock leading over to the area was a little muddy, but the students love mud!!
We had lunch at Valentine and the students enjoyed some running around time for our last walk at Green Point. Aunty Jen showed us the middens also a living Scar Tree, we spoke about the Scar Tree and the significance of these trees.

All students enjoyed the day with Aunty Jen, Uncle Burkie and Aunty Niss.

Story contributed by Annissa Harwood from Fennell Bay Public School. Published in 2020.