Welcome to the Booragul/Toronto Community site

Consultation for this site is provided through your local NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group

To share your stories please use the contribute link and we look forward to yarning with you about your submission.

How does our consultation process work?

Everyone is welcome to share stories by uploading images, videos and other digital media to local community sites. Uploaded content celebrates local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, heritage and cultures but is not for keeping secret or sacred cultural knowledge. The Storylines Platform also supports schools, teachers and students to find stories that help to understand more about their local community.

Stories shared on the Storylines platform are only made public following consultation and approval from local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations. State and Territory-based Indigenous Education Consultative Bodies (IECBs) – where they exist – are ideal but if no IECB exists, Storylines will help to identify local community organisations that can support the process below. If no recognised community organisation is identified, content cannot be made live.

The process

  • Before uploading content, we encourage you to inform the community that you are going to add content. You can do this via the contact form on the Welcome Page of the community’s Storylines site
  • Once content is uploaded, each contribution is reviewed by the Storylines Platform team who ensure the content:
    • is appropriate for audiences of all ages
    • is not offensive in nature
    • does not contain direct advertising
    • does not represent political lobbying.
  • Stories that meet these standards are placed within the community’s private consultation area
  • The local working group is informed of the new content and can begin approval, in line with their own local protocols.
  • Once the working group has approved the content, it is made live on the community site.

Some stories will require very little consultation and will be quickly made public; other stories may require editing or further collaboration and discussion

A story can be updated, edited or retracted by the contributor at any time, prior to being made public

Any public stories that require changes, or that have been contested, will be placed back into the consultation area, allowing for private discussion