NAIDOC 2019 was a whole-school affair in Term 2 at Fennell Bay Public School. Firstly, this is the year that has a Year 5 & 6 camp at our cultural destination. Murrook was our choice this year. Murrook Cultural Centre is located on the Aboriginal Nation of the Worimi People. Murrook Cultural Centre is based on the Worimi Land Council premises, and holds workshops for schools and visitors to the area.

Our Year 5 & 6 students had an overnight camp on their grounds. When we arrived on Monday 17 June 2019, we were excited but then daunted by the prospect of setting up our tents. We were so lucky to have some students who had previously set up tents. With Mr Dunlap, Mrs Valentine, Mrs Jen McLaren, Mr McShane and Mr Agnew, we managed to get them set up quickly.

Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side, changing from beautiful weather in the morning to rainy weather whilst out on our Tomaree Mountain walk. Due to the weather, we missed out on some activities, but the students had fun with indoor activities. Our meals were delightful with many students going back for seconds.

The next day the sun showered us with beautiful weather and the rest of the school attended Murrook with us. All the students came, excited to see what the day would bring, including seeing our campsite and hearing many funny stories of the night-time high jinx from the students.

The whole school were given great morning tea and lunches. Our activities were art, dance, boomerang-throwing and bush resource walk, Worimi language, and Uncle Justin Ridgeway’s journey so far. All students had a great day, with wonderful support from our teaching staff.

The rest of our celebrations were held in the last week of Term 2, starting with our magical assembly with all students participating. Our Aboriginal students had a clap stick sound-off which parents thoroughly enjoyed. Our guest speaker was Daniel Jack, the Aboriginal Engagement Coordinator at Glendale TAFE (his children attend preschool and school at Fennell Bay). Daniel spoke very well and shared his knowledge lending to the theme, Voice, Treaty and Truth. As always, the Year 6 students were heavily engaged in the assembly and Rebecca Gale made a beautiful cake as always. We loved celebrating with the community and our Elders.

Year 6 Aboriginal students did the yearly preschool visits to Bolton Point Child Care Centre, Woodrising Nature Preschool and Nikinpa Child Care Centre. As always, the students had a great time connecting with the children.
We had planned a BBQ working bee for Boomerang Mountain. Unfortunately, due to the change in weather we postponed our working bee, but some keen parents stayed and braved the weather to help with putting rocks on the steps on the lead-up to Boomerang Mountain. The students and parents enjoyed the BBQ tasting of kangaroo, emu and crocodile.

Author: Aunty Niss

Contributed by Annissa Harwood from Fennell Bay Public School. Published in 2019.