Welcome to Lingo

KAAYI!! 2020
Here we are!! Fennell Bay Public School has started the year off with a BANG!!

We are learning the local Aboriginal language, which is Awabakal, from Terri-Lee Darcy. Terri-Lee is a well-known Awabakal woman from our area. Terri-Lee works at Miromaa Aboriginal Language Centre, and we were lucky enough to entice her to our school. Our Aboriginal Education Officer Aunty Niss has been wanting to include Language in our school for quite a while now.

Terri-Lee is teaching all classes the Welcome to Lingo Program developed by herself with Miromaa Language Centre. So far, our students have enjoyed learning simple words for families, animals and places.

Although we got through a lot of words and phrases before the term changed so abruptly, we are continuing through Term 2 via our internet programs the school is using until students return. We are uploading videos of the Language spoken by Terri-Lee.

I hope you enjoy some of our pictures and videos!
Aunty Niss

Story contributed by Annissa Harwood from Fennell Bay Public School. Published in 2020.