Consultation is an important part of building your community's site. It is an opportunity for you to build respectful relationships whilst sharing news of the brilliant work that is being done in support of Aboriginal Education and Culture.

Consultation provides everyone with an opportunity to learn more about what stories, programs and initiatives are valued within their local community. More importantly it is a great opportunity to discover new friendships and new ways to collaborate on future projects.

When a story is contributed it will be added to the consultation area of this site. This gives the contributor and the community a period of time to see stories in a private area, to edit, comment and approve of the information before it is shared publicly. Any content within the consultation and live areas of this site can be updated or removed as required.

Within NSW we encourage you to connect to your local community through your local Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG). Your local AECG will hold regular local meetings that bring together, schools, community members and the broader community. Local AECG meetings are a great way to present your contribution and discuss content with your community.

Once consultation has occurred and the Storylines team have been notified, stories will be made publicly available on your local site by the Storylines team for everyone to enjoy.

Additional supporting resources can be found below, a big thank you to the Yuin & Monaro: Eden Community for sharing how consultation works best in their community: